Our Products

  • MX Series

    MX series is a general purpose battery with 10 years design life in float service. Its AGM valve regulated technology while maintaining high consistency for better performance and reliable standby service life. It is suitable for UPS/EPS, emergency light and security system applications.

  • MXG Series:

    MXG Series is gel type battery built according to EUROBAT standards with a 12+ years design life. Its has a 99% gas recombination effeciency with a low self discharge rate. 400+ cycles at 80% DOD. This battery can be installed either vertically or horizontally. It is suitable for UPS/EPS, emergency light, medical equipments and high temperature locations

  • FE Series:

    FE Series is a design that is made for very long life applications. The service life is upto 20 years for this series. It has a low self discharge rate, high reliability and deep discharge recoverability. It is suitable for Telecommunication applications and Solar applications.

  • QB Series:

    QB series is a 20 years service life battery that is front terminal with high quality. The battery has flexible installation features to be placed in industry standard racks. It has safety and low resistence so the recharge is easy and fast. These batteries are suitable for the telecommunication industry, marine application industry, aviation industry and special equipments.